Crispy Pumpkin Waffles

Crispy Pumpkin Waffles came about out of my love for the pumpkin I got from my mother-in-law. In fact, I went to the garden and picked the pumpkin myself (with the owner’s permission and blessing, of course). I had a hard time choosing one. They all looked so splendid and promising.

During the summer break we often go to Mr G.’s family home. His parents have an allotment garden where we were given a few beds to grow our own vegetables. In the spring and early summer, we can’t wait to get there and pick the produce that has grown from tiny seeds. Come July and August, and a genuine riot ensues. It is an explosion of colours and abundance! With every year I try to be smarter and reduce the frequency of sowing and, as a result, the crop volumes. This year I managed to tame my mass-farming inclinations and the effect is much better than the first time. It looks as if we are almost able to process what we grow. Partially because some of the crops have failed. We particularly miss the watermelons and melons, the true passion of my father-in-law and a work of art for the eyes and the palate. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it, probably because of the very cold spring.

Our beds are surrounded by those tended to by my mother-in-law. This is where the magic happens. Whatever you need or think of, it is there: soup greens, beet roots, dill, sorrel, beans, zucchinis (courgettes) and, of course, pumpkins. Beautiful, robust, conspicuously orange, and absolutely delicious. Seeing them, I can’t think of anything else but cooking, frying and baking myself into pumpkin oblivion!

After one particularly heavy rainfall, I went treasure-hunting. Knee-deep in the mud, I clocked this perfect specimen – not too big, not too small, intense orange excellence. As soon as I got home, I cut the pumpkin in half to check it inside. It was still young, with hardly any seeds yet and a soft peel. You could eat it whole, without peeling or removing the inner contents. My first obvious choice was pumpkin pudding with tahini sauce and berries. You want heaven? Well, heaven is here.

The next day I got cracking on my Crispy Pumpkin Waffles. Again, sheer bliss! I wanted to whisk my signature Vegan Cream with probiotic cultures, but we got homogenised cheese instead. A tablespoon of berries and some maple syrup on top. It doesn’t get better than this. You think you can resist it? Well, good luck with that.

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gofry dyniowe, dynia

Crispy Pumpkin Waffles

Ingredients for 8 waffles:

– 250 g of pumpkin (any type)

– 100 g of corn flour

– 50 g of potato starch

– 50 g of chickpea flour

– 150–200 ml of plant-based milk (any type)

– 12 g of baking powder

– Juice from half a lemon

– Pinch of salt

– Sweetener of your choice (optional)

– 10 g of oil for the dough + oil for greasing the waffle maker


  1. Cut the pumpkin into pieces (if the peel is soft, you don’t need to remove it), add the other ingredients and blend until smooth.
  2. Grease the waffle maker with oil with a brush and pre-heat well. Fry waffles.
  3. Waffles are ready when the steam stops coming out of the waffle maker.

Extra tips:

You can serve your waffles sweat or savoury.

Try out the option with pumpkin grated on a grater.

Pumpkins contain different amounts of water. Check it first and then adjust the amount of plant-based milk. The consistency of the dough should be quite light – like for sponge cake.

Use oil that is suitable for heating. You will find the necessary information on the packaging.

Baking powders may be a bit of a conundrum: some of them can work stronger than others. Celiko tends to leave a fairly distinctive aftertaste of the baking soda, so use a smaller amount than indicated in the recipe. When I use the Dary Natury baking powder, I add a little more of it (the whole packaging – 22 g). Try out your favourite baking powder and adjust the measure.

You can pour the lemon juice directly on the powder to additionally activate it and add extra fluffiness to your dough.


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